Gnostic Writings

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So my questions were: What are the Gnostic writings and Who are the Gnostics? This is what i have found. The gnostics are a group of people who believe that they have recieved a secret message about Jesus and things he says. The Gnostic writings are a series of writings that were writen in secret to people. The gnostics reliegion is based on the text and the "secrets" that have been passed on throught the generations. Are these gnostic writings authentic, i'm not sure if we will every be able to find out the real truth.

Even though i looked in many places i can't seem to find where the writings are kept, do they even exist??
Here are a list of some of the Gnostic writings found and a link to them:
1.Gospel of Thomas
2. Gospel of Philip
3.Gospel of Truth
4.Gospel of the Egyptians
There are more and there are some that were bruned, destroyed, etc.

Monday, November 14, 2005

I have done some research on the Gnostic writings. Basically these scrolls were found in Upper Egypt by some peasants. Nobody payed very much attention to what they were or what they said. Long story short some professors and scholars finally discovered that these writings were what they believed to be extra, secret writings by disciples on Jesus Christ. Why would these writing be secret?? Why would the writings in the books be contreversial to the rest of the New Testiment. These books suggest that Jesus had a twin brother or that Mary Magdolene was his "partner". Who actually wrote these books and why aren't they accepted as part of the actual known bible.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My first question is : What are the Gnostic Writings or gospels? Who are the Gnostics?